About Us

Our Approach

An experienced software engineering business, trained on pre-web, corporate environments, we bring best practice from that domain to the fast-moving, web and mobile app world. We continuously monitor new trends in software development to deliver the most cost-effective and business-oriented outcomes for our clients.

Our Story

Based in Van Morrison’s old office in the heart of historic Bath, England, we are a team of professionals who have been building business software and offering professional services for over 70 man years.

Where to find our software

Lifejak created a toolkit called PLUSier a business process automation toolkit that is used in all our projects.

EventHalo was the first product launched using Plusier, a platform of tightly-integrated workflows for large event organisers, handling supplier management, performer booking, exhibitor applications, ticketing, etc.

Apply and Pay is a general purpose booking and online payment system. TicketandPass is a integrated accreditation system. MealWheel is a crew catering system.


Lifejak Ltd, Company No. 09393869, VAT ID 213 9030 44